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UTAAG is a computer consulting company.

In the last decade, our teams have worked with large multinational corporations as well as the US government in different industries including chemical, medical, banking, security, money transportation, financial, investment, and judicial. This company has proven experience in working with a multitude of technologies and databases under different environments, backed by a deep track record of repeat business alongside a strong reference list.

The foundation of UTAAG is based on the experience and skills acquired by the principals of this company, which was obtained through leading and completing large projects successfully in the corporate world. Our efforts center around the belief that smarter work methods, receptive listening abilities, constant communication, and a positive attitude are the primary factors that lead to success.

These characteristics are reflected in our mission statement and engraved in our Motto:

This company has participated in the full cycle development of numerous applications. UTAAG consistently implements the desired solutions within budget, on time, and in a manner that requires minimum maintenance support once fully operational. During the initial stages of project execution, our team spends time with each client to thoroughly understand the existing business processes, utilizes their expertise to establish new workflow requirements, and devotes necessary resources to get the job done smoothly.

It involves managing complexity across multiple client organizations, understanding crtical processes, respecting the customer requirements, and developing the most efficient work model acceptable to all effected entities within the organization. It requires technical expertise and an evolving knowledge of how to utilize the most innovative tools on the market as they become available.

Because technology is vital to the success of this computer consulting company, it is imperative to us that our teams stay informed on the latest advancements and developments in the industry. UTAAG devotes its resources towards this goal by insuring that our teams are trained in cutting edge platforms on a regular basis.

In addition to the technical knowledge that comes from their vast experience, each of our teams demonstrate the rapid problem solving, thorough comprehension, interactive communication, and requisite leadership skills necessary to assure that every client receives the most efficient plus cost effective solution available. Most importantly, UTAAG requires that all of its employees live up to the values and standards defined by our motto and mission statement. This is why our clients have rated us in the top 5% of their contractors in terms of RELIABILITY, COST, ORDER ACCURACY, DELIVERY/TIMELINESS, QUALITY, BUSINESS RELATIONS, PERSONNEL, CUSTOMER SUPPORT, and RESPONSIVENESS.

UTAAG is an approved GSA contractor/vendor.